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«BFK» Industrial Complex in Novosibirsk Region
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«BFK» Industrial Complex in Novosibirsk Region

«BFK» Industrial Complex in Novosibirsk Region

October 2006 – 2007

In 2006, BFK shareholders decided to develop a brand new production system of high quality steel in Novosibirsk Region.

The production area in the first stage totals 7000 sq.m, and the total area of allotted land is 14 hectares. Investment in the first stage is about € 15 million.

In October of 2006 our company, "IC&M", started the process of selecting and designing the site for the construction of the industrial complex.


BFK - confident leadership across Siberia.

The successful experience accumulated since 1995, working in the Russian construction market, allowed BFK to become a leader in the field. The projects developed by the holding define the unique architectural profile of Novosibirsk and other cities of Siberia.

BFK today - consists of two production facilities of translucent structures located in Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk. The total area of production space is over 30,000 sq.m. After the next phase of modernization, the production capacity will be about 100.000 sq.m. of PVC products per month. More than 500 tons of aluminum profiles are recycled per year. Over 2,000 people work in BFKs production team.

As of today, BFK ranks among the top three producers of translucent structures in Russia. Branches have been successfully opened in Tomsk, Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk, Omsk, Abakan, Achinsk and Zheleznogorsk. BFK has a leading position in Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk, and like in all other regions, our goal is to come out on top.

Over the past few years, requirements on fire safety, sustainability, design and overall construction time of complex high-rise building projects have been increased. BFK has improved together with the market.

Customers of “BFK Holding” have the opportunity to use the services of any of the participating companies, or to obtain a comprehensive service in all areas.

Official Site: www.bfk.ru

Services provided by IC&M company as part of the project implementation

N Project Phase Services provided

Market analysis and review
Phase I implementation period - 20 calendar days

Market research, including the preparation of a goal-oriented plan of activities designed to increase the clients sales volumes and expend the number of customers attracting large industry players working in the region.


Selection of a project site for construction purposes
Phase II implementation period - 1 month

1. Selecting a project site meeting the requirements of terms of reference.
2. Conducting a preliminary legal assessment of title documents and examining the opportunities for completing the procedure of the land transaction.
3. Technical evaluation of the available utilities and their potential to provide the needed capacities


Registration of the rental rights for the project site selected by the client; obtaining official permits and approvals needed to start up the project; preparing terms of reference
Phase III implementation period - 8 months

1. Topographic mapping of the project site, identification of the site boundaries.
2. Arriving at the agreement with the local land administration as per the project site rental rights registration, signing the protocol of intentions with the regional government and local municipal authorities. Initiating the process by which the local authorities can make a preliminary decision to grant rental rights for the land plot in question.
3. Preparing a Statement on Selection of the Project Site and getting it approved by all relevant regulative, administrative and supervisory agencies (specifically, Federal Sanitary Surveillance Service, Fire Fighting Service, History and Culture Legacy Foundation, Geologic Information Fund, Ministry of Wildlife Protection, Department of Architecture, local telephone communications center, district power supply center, Forestry Committee, Land Resources and Management Committee, and others), ordering and working out necessary expert evaluations and layouts as needed.
4. Obtaining terms of reference for all needed utilities that guarantees the required level of services (power, heat, water and gas supply, sewerage system, communications services).
5. Getting an official authorization to remove utilities and communication lines used by other consumers from the territory of the project site (in this case, a gas pipe line, two water supply lines, a communication line); to this end, terms of reference and other pertinent documentation are obtained from the utilities and communication lines owner.
6. Changing the land category of the project site by way of excluding it from the agricultural land category and subsequent re-classification as belonging to the category of industrial and other special use lands (ordering and conducting land surveys to obtain information about the soils of the project site and produce a geotechnical report; obtaining information on the site land use history; establishing a commission to make a report relating to estimated agricultural production losses due to the project site activities, and having the report approved by the relevant authorities). Submitting a request to and obtaining a positive decision from the administration of the Russian Federation entity based on this documentation, and initiating the issuance of the Governors decree on changing the land category of the project site.
7. Ordering and conducting land surveys to determine physical boundaries of the project site; compiling and submitting all necessary legal and land tenure documentation to the local land management committee in order to have the project site registered in the Federal Integrated Land Register with its subsequent recording in the land inventory file. Initiating the issuance of the final Decree on the project site leasing; preparing and signing of a rental agreement.
8. Registration of the rental rights with the federal judicial authority on registration of real property rights and transactions.


Mark Rubinov Chairman of the Board of Directors of the BFK Production Group

Mark Rubinov Chairman of the Board of Directors of the BFK Production Group

Over the last five years our Industrial Group has worked in close cooperation with IC&M. Specialists of IC&M are true professionals and this is what makes the company stand out against its peers. Based on previous experience of cooperation with other companies during implementation of a steel-work plant project we made our choice in favor of IC&M.

IC&M is a highly professional development company capable of pursuing any tasks no matter how complex they are with a predictable positive outcome.

During the tasks execution the IC&M team demonstrated responsibility in all stages of project implementation from land lot and engineering terms registration to procurement of permits for construction. I can also say that they continuously provide support at the moment when some extraordinary issues arise, which is a valuable resource nowadays.

Their dedication to use state-of-the-art technologies and optimally designed production processes, efficient management, fault-free logistics, complex approach to task performance are the principal components of IC&M success. I should only say - YES, HOLD ON LIKE THIS!

Photo of project implementation stages

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