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Joseph Leo Beckhoff General Director OOO VEKA Rus

Joseph Leo Beckhoff General Director OOO VEKA Rus

The first meeting between VEKA representatives and IC&M Company dates back to 2002, when VEKA was conducting research to evaluate the market capacity of the Novosibirsk region. The credit is to be given to IC&M for making comprehensive and detailed market studies available for our review. Based on this review VEKA later made a decision to invest in the Novosibirsk region.

Considering the positive market research experience, we assigned IC&M to undertake all pre-project works and to implement the construction project under an investment contract.

IC&M assistance was especially valuable as concerns the solution of the following questions:

  • Land plot search and registration
  • Transfer of the land plot from one category to another
  • Service line connection such as electric power, water, heat supply etc.
  • Contacts with local and regional authorities up to the Governor
  • Assistance in conducting tenders for participation in plant construction
  • Budget planning
  • Assistance in negotiations
  • Supervision of construction on the site
  • Tracking the deal on final registration of the investment object...

I believe this list is far from being complete, however it gives an idea of the multifaceted range of services provided by IC&M.

Undoubtedly, our progress in Siberia would have been not so impressive if we had started on our own, without support of our consulting agency. In addition, our amicable and trusting relationships make our cooperation quite special.

Summing up, IC&M was and remains an absolute lucky circumstance for VEKA.

Conrad Smandzich Technical Director OOO VEKA Rus

Conrad Smandzich Technical Director OOO VEKA Rus

Any foreign company that is willing to enter the Russian market has more opportunities to succeed if it has a reliable partner. VEKA was fortunate to have such a partner - IC&M.

Our cooperation with this company started four years ago and since then VEKA has made a stride forward to the Siberian market and to the success of its products there, and in many ways IC&M has contributed to this. At present VEKA plant in Novosibirsk is a leader among the concerns enterprises by the rates of production growth.

To a considerable extent this was IC&M that has streamlined out effort to pursue the goals.

High professional level, responsibility and focus on the results allowed this company to tackle different problems regarding the construction of VEKA plant in Novosibirsk and to implement the project on the highest level and strictly on schedule.

David Geovanis Managing Director of a property management company «LR Russia Hotel Development»

David Geovanis Managing Director of a property management company «LR Russia Hotel Development»

Our company - London & Regional Properties Ltd is one of the leading private companies in the world, investing in real estate. The company's assets are more $10 billion. Since 2006 we invested more than $500 million in the Russian real estates.

We highly recommend IC & M as a reliable partner and express our gratitude for their assistance in the project to build the hotel "DoubleTree by Hilton" and business center in Novosibirsk since the beginning of its development until the end of construction. Despite the fact that IC & M had no experience before in building hotels, the company was able to bring this very difficult project to life, showing high quality work. We risked, beginning cooperation with this company, but in the end were very pleased with result of the work that IC & M completed for us.

IC & M - is a team of the professionals possessing high moral principles. They solved for us a number of complex issues. There obligations were always carried out and always on time.

In Russia, we are not so willing to enter into partnerships with local companies, but we will definitely make an exception for the IC & M.

Michel Pascalis Chief Executive Officer MLP

Michel Pascalis Chief Executive Officer MLP

In 2006, MLP made a decision to construct a large class A logistic complex in Novosibirsk.

The company contracted IC&M for carrying out land plot searching and registration. IC&M specialists made an excellent job providing us in a very short time with duly registered land plot meeting all MLP requirements.

Based on this effort IC&M was rendered involved in the performance of the following tasks:

  • Obtaining technical conditions for utility connections to the logistics complex;
  • Procuring necessary construction approvals from oversight bodies;
  • Getting a permit for construction;
  • Construction site preparation (fencing, earthwork, on-site security, temporary camp for the customer).

As for these tasks, IC&M performance was also efficient and high-quality.

In conclusion, it should be noted that in the course of our cooperation IC&M fulfilled the contractual obligations in full and acted as a professional team of experienced specialists putting the customer demand in the focus of their work.

Mark Rubinov Chairman of the Board of Directors of the BFK Production Group

Mark Rubinov Chairman of the Board of Directors of the BFK Production Group

Over the last five years our Industrial Group has worked in close cooperation with IC&M. Specialists of IC&M are true professionals and this is what makes the company stand out against its peers. Based on previous experience of cooperation with other companies during implementation of a steel-work plant project we made our choice in favor of IC&M.

IC&M is a highly professional development company capable of pursuing any tasks no matter how complex they are with a predictable positive outcome.

During the tasks execution the IC&M team demonstrated responsibility in all stages of project implementation from land lot and engineering terms registration to procurement of permits for construction. I can also say that they continuously provide support at the moment when some extraordinary issues arise, which is a valuable resource nowadays.

Their dedication to use state-of-the-art technologies and optimally designed production processes, efficient management, fault-free logistics, complex approach to task performance are the principal components of IC&M success. I should only say - YES, HOLD ON LIKE THIS!

Sergey BrilyovTV host, Member of the Russian Academy of Television

Sergey Brilyov
TV host, Member of the Russian Academy of Television

People usually say: we have a great country with no infrastructure. But I see that here (at the Novosibirsk Expocentre exhibition complex) everything is thoroughly worked out. I walked in and somewhat instinctively thought about Singapore! In my opinion, it’s a very impressive complex with very rationally organized facilities.

Alfredo Perez BravoAmbassador of Mexico to Russia

Alfredo Perez Bravo
Ambassador of Mexico to Russia

I am impressed by this magnificent Expocentre. This is Russia XXI Century! Congratulations to the administration on the opening of the new Expocentre. I have to say that this is one of the best Expocentres in the world!

(At the SITT 2012 openning ceremony, April, 2012)

Caroline WilsonEurope Director at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London

Caroline Wilson
Europe Director at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London

This ultra-modern business infrastructure facility is unique not only in Siberia, but perhaps also in Russia. Its opening is an event of a national scale... This prestigious venue will attract the international business community ... Congratulations to Novosibirsk and to Siberia for the acquisition of a valuable asset

(At the Novosibirsk Expo Centre openning ceremony, January 31, 2012)


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