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Multifunctional Logistics Complex

Multifunctional Logistics Complex

Multifunctional Logistics Complex

Project preparation phase fully completed

In 2006, MLP (Multinational Logistics Partnership), a company specialized in the development of networks for Clas «А» logistics complexes, decided to enter the Siberian market. Read more

A number of studies were needed to start the project, being the most important the selection of land, which has the greatest potential in terms of service, also analyzed were the company's activities, its formation and all matters related to its infrastructure, obtaining building permits, inspections and preparation of the building site for construction work.


Multinational Logistics Partnership (MLP) it's a company with a leading market position in industrial and warehouse property in Russia and Ukraine.

MLP Portfolio - 730 000 m2 of existing industrial and warehouse facilities, and 105 hectares of land.

Founded in 2004, MLP has developed all objects in-house, becoming one of the most experienced developers in Russia and Ukraine. The company's logistic center are managed by its own professional staff, in accordance with the highest international standards.

Location of the construction site

MLP Novosibirsk's warehouse complex is located in the village of ObGES , near Michurinskiyv. The complex is in the vicinity of the Sovietskoye highway, which is the main thoroughfare of the Novosibirsk region.

A separate railway track runs on the territory of the complex.

MLP Novosibirsk — is MLP's first project in Siberia. The complex will be a freight distribution hub between the Central Ural and the Siberian regions, and also China.

  • The total area of the project is 124 000 m2.
  • The area of the plot is 22 hectares.

The design of the project is complete. Ground work has been performed and the building permit has been obtained.

The work carried out IC&M

N Project Phases Name of work

Search for land to build
Phase I implementation period - 1 month

1. Search of the land, appropriate reference terms.
2. Preliminary review of legal documents, and the viability of the transaction have been analyzed.
3. Technical expertise in communication and power supply.


Lease rights registration for the land, selection of the client, obtention of the pre-authorizations and approval of the technical specifications
Implementation period of Phase II - 12 months

1. Cooperation agreements between the investor, the Administration of the Novosibirsk region, the project company and the district administration- acting as administrator of t the land- are signed.

Legal rights on the project area
1. The edict was issued by the municipality, preparation and signing of the lease agreement, approval of the draft lease by the territorial department of the Federal Agency for Federal Property Management
2. Registration of the land lease and the contracts to the State Administration, surveying the land in accordance with the customer's specifications, formation of land use regime, coordination of the project sites in territorial subdivision by the Federal Agency for the Federal Property Management, inventory numbers on the newly formed land are received, as required by the configuration, signing of appropriate additional agreements with the district and registration of those agreements

Legal Rights of the Company
1. Assessment of losses in agricultural production in connection with the seizure of land for construction
2. Signing of the agreement on agriculture damages in connection with the seizure of land from direct farm land
3. Obtaining the necessary departmental and interdepartmental agreements and permits for the transfer of land to the project in favor of the Customer
4. Transferring land rights in favor of the customer, and registration of change of landholder
5. Implementation of the transfer of land from the category of agricultural land into the category of land for industry and other purposes
6. Obtain technical assessment related to all connections, with the facilities (electricity, heat, water, sewage, gas, communications)
7. Signing of a supplementary agreement under which changes are permitted in order to use the land in accordance with the category of land for industry, registration of the additional agreement
8. Signing of a new lease, relevant to the technical requirements of the Customer in connection with the change of ownership and the division of state ownership of the land, registration of the lease


Project Consultancy
Implementation period of Phase III - 4 months

1. Selection of the Project Institute
2. Project Consultancy
3. Receiving approval from the departmental construction expertise


Project approval and obtention of building permits
Period of implementation of Phase IV - 1 month

1. Obtaining permits and approvals in all necessary instances
2. Obtaining a building permit


Site preparation
Implementation period of Phase V - 1 month

Fencing of the site, organization of the temporary roads, car parks and general contractor, obtaining specifications and temporary connection to networks of power and water during construction


Construction starts
Implementation period of Phase VI - 2 months

Performing recovery of topsoil, excavation for construction under  the terminal  for an area of 100,000 m2, start piling.

Achieve the results of the project

  • All preestablished deadlines were met during each one of the stages.
  • All required documentation and permits were obtained within the minimum time frame established, and in some cases in record time.


Michel Pascalis Chief Executive Officer MLP

Michel Pascalis Chief Executive Officer MLP

In 2006, MLP made a decision to construct a large class A logistic complex in Novosibirsk.

The company contracted IC&M for carrying out land plot searching and registration. IC&M specialists made an excellent job providing us in a very short time with duly registered land plot meeting all MLP requirements.

Based on this effort IC&M was rendered involved in the performance of the following tasks:

  • Obtaining technical conditions for utility connections to the logistics complex;
  • Procuring necessary construction approvals from oversight bodies;
  • Getting a permit for construction;
  • Construction site preparation (fencing, earthwork, on-site security, temporary camp for the customer).

As for these tasks, IC&M performance was also efficient and high-quality.

In conclusion, it should be noted that in the course of our cooperation IC&M fulfilled the contractual obligations in full and acted as a professional team of experienced specialists putting the customer demand in the focus of their work.


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